Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs? Sign of a bigger problem?

I've been struggling with the concept of Steve Jobs being portrayed by Ashton Kutcher for a while now and after seeing the trailer, I'm still struggling.  I realized though, this is not because Kutcher use to Punk people on MTV but more that I'm afraid Hollywood (and so many other folks) are helping promote a new Tech Bubble.  They are (impressively) dramatizing and exaggerating the benefits of the "startup culture".  I would even say they are romantising the life of starting a business… 

Think about this, how many times recently have you heard about Apps, Hacking, Startups over the past two years in otherwise non techy places like 60 Minutes, Business Week, New York Times, and heck…even around your dinner table?  Or more likely you've heard of someone (or heard of someone through someone) making an App or being in a "Startup" and making it big. I've certainly felt and seen a significant uptick over the past few years, especially with spending so much time in San Francisco but also in helping Miami build its tech community.  

I'm not blaming Hollywood but it's been interesting to note that over the past 3 years we've had 3 hollywood blockbusters about Facebook, Google, and now about Apple.  These are big successful companies and they deserve movies to be made about them but what I'm suggesting is these should probably be documentaries…and shown in business classes in good 'ol boring (I mean realistic) fashion.  

This is a big topic and concern of mine and I'm going to continue writing about it but I wanted to kick things off by saying, beware of all this tech hype.  This country, and on a micro level my community, needs to promote risk taking, entrepreneurism, and technology.  But come on, there are only so many Recipe Apps we can all consume on our iPhones…  Let's not all get "Punked" again with another Tech Bubble!!!  

Disclaimer:  I'm a huge Steve Jobs fan (as are most people).  His biography by Walter Isaacson is one of the best stories, books, biograhpies, etc that I've ever read.  I started a tech company 3 years that is now leaving the "Startup phase" all without having a keg at the office and selling to small business owners.  Yawn… 


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