6 Reasons to Read this Blog

My brother and I had been considering starting a blog for a few months now and finally took the plunge and started one in July.  Our biggest concern in launching was to write a blog that no one would read or that wouldn’t benefit anyone.  Certainly we enjoy reading other people’s blogs like AVCBoth Sides of the TableStartup ManagementTechCrunchSignals vs. Noise, but is our content going to be unique and helpful?

Before we started, we came up with a list of why readers would enjoy our blog and decided these reasons should be good enough to get started!  We hope you agree!

6. No Politics, Religion, or War

Our father always taught us, no good comes from talking about politics, religion or war.  There’s plenty of that type of content all over the Internet, on Twitter or Facebook.  This blog is all about business from our unique perspectives and experience

5. Constant Content

There are two of us so the content will be spread quite evenly.  This means we won’t go on hiatuses for weeks at a time and it also means daily posts won’t be crap.  We have enough content to make it worthwhile for nearly daily reads.  

4. We’re not writing a book in each post but instead quick, quality reads

Our favorite blogs are easy to read and pack a punch with quality.  That’s how we want to write and you’ll rarely find a post you can’t get through on your phone while walking into the office.  We know you are busy.

3. Relevant Operating Business Perspectives

Right now we’re running three operating companies, all in the tech industry, one is a software company, one is a security consulting, and another a low voltage cabling company (not to mention our holding / investment company).  These are all completely separate business models, different stage companies, and different sizes.  We’re also two brothers working together very closely in a family business (father is the chairman).   Recipe for excitement!  Not Real Housewives of Miami excitement, but you get my point!

2. Unique Experiences

Between the two of us we’ve spun off companies, bought companies, sold companies, raised money for companies, shut down companies, and started companies.  Put all this together and we have some relevant stories and approaches to the professional world that many people are experiencing, about to experience, or want to experience!  

1. We’re not selling you on anything!

This is our #1 reason for starting a blog and the #1 reason you would keep reading.  There is so much noise around the Internet and there is very little real content for people in small businesses, startups, management, etc that is trustworthy or coming from the ground level.  Thats where we think our blog can help the overall community.  One thing we’ve learned over the past few years is that sharing experiences and perspectives is the best way to learn and we hope to share ours so you can share yours back and we learn from everyone.

We hope you enjoy the content and we also hope you can share your experiences in our comments section below.  We’ll be looking for an interactive community on this blog!