Vacation Success!

For the past 4 nights my family and I have been on a little vacation down in the Florida Keys (Key Largo) which I can honestly say has been the best vacation I've had in a long time.  In the past few years since starting BrightGauge I've taken days off here and there but I don't think any of them have truly "recharged my battery" than over the past 4 nights.  Here are a few reasons why I think this one trumped all previous trips:

It was driving distance.  Living in Miami, FL can feel like a vacation in itself so many times we opt to fly long distances to get to our destinations.  As everyone knows, traveling can be more stressfull than working so this time we decided to pick a close destination in driving distance.  This helped me transition into vacation mode quicker without losing full day of work and the same with the return.  We have complete control in when we get back and instead of a 4-6 hours travel time its 2 hours at our leisure.

Plenty of Activity.  In the past we've done trips to just sit on a beach (Bahamas) or drink great wine (Napa).  Don't get me wrong, those are awesome but for two people who are used to being productive 12 hours a day, stopping to do just one thing can get boring quickly.  Here we played golf, tennis, pool, beach, etc.  Every day was different, mentally stimulating, and alot of fun.

Off Season.   Many of us take time around the holidays to visit family or take the holiday opportunity to do a trip.  Peak travel times mean crowded destinations and expensive vacations.  Summer is a great time to take a trip since some destintations can be in "off season".  Even with kids being out of school and lots of family vacations going around, off seasons give enough quiet time for easy travel and quiet destinations.

Solid Internet!  Ok, you and my family (with the exception of my brother) may think I'm crazy for adding this one but its true, keeping a pulse on things back home (through email) lowers stress for me during a trip.  Heading back I don't have the stress of "whats waiting for me " when I return and that terrible feeling of forgetting how relaxed I have been on Day 1 of return since the workload could be overwhelming.  Every morning I've gotten up, cleared email, and checked in with my team, etc before enjoying my day and evening.  Awesome.

We have maximized our 4 night trip with these perks and it has been phenomenal.  I'm not only rested and recharged but I feel fulfilled and grateful….and best of all, I do not feel behind. Hopefully you have a similar experience coming up or have one already completed in 2013.