Why Regular Team Meetings Are Important

A few weeks ago we had our BrightGauge Half Time Report Meeting.  This is a new tradition my brother started at BrightGauge last year but something we’ve been doing with our other teams for years.  We got the entire team together.  In BrightGauge’s case, we are split with half the team in Coral Gables, FL and the other half in San Francisco, CA.  Then we talk about everything that has happened over the first 6 months of the year.  Here a few of the drivers of why we take the time to put these meeting together.

Brings the Team Together – A regular meeting forces the team to get together on a regular interval and reflect.  This can be a huge help for companies that are growing fast and typically focused on challenges.  Also, take a moment to stop and think about all the good things you have accomplished as well.

Management Stops & Summarizes – Putting together the information and slides for the meeting is a great opportunity for the management team to reflect on how the company has performed over a longer period of time.  Typically we review the numbers and stats monthly but a quarterly, or better yet, 6 month status allows you to see more trends.

Get Everyone On The Same Page – There are different schools of thought about how much information to share with the team.  From companies that share EVERYTHING to others that just share the high level things.  In my prior companies, I’ve been more of the latter, just focusing on the high level topics and not diving too deep.  But at BrightGauge, we like to dive a little deeper and get into the financial performance to make sure everyone knows where we stand.

Identify Action The Team Can Take – One key thing I have learned after years of doing these meetings is make sure to include specific action each team member can take to help the company.  For those team members that are just attending the meeting and zone out, it doesn’t matter.  But for the ones that care, it can make a huge impact.  As an example, as a software company one area we’re working on is decreasing the steps in our on boarding process and we explained to everyone how building some automation into the process will help our goals and what each person can do to help.  One of our team members came up with a great way to automate the mapping of clients in the on boarding process.  It’s made a tremendous impact already.  All because we took the time to get together.

Below is the last slide of our July 2013 update.  It’s been an awesome 2013 so far but we have more work to do!

Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 3.38.35 PM