Fun Friday: America’s Game

Last night marked the start of College Football and truly, the start of another great american football season upon us (sure, NFL starts next Thursday but you get the point!).  My wife and I both went to the same University and football was a big part of our fall seasons.  We were hooked every Saturday watching games from noon until midnight and enjoyed very many of those games, even when our teams lost.

The rise in popularity of football has been incredible and if you read the TV stats you'd be amazed to find that a regular season NFL game gets better TV ratings than a World Series game.  In fact, here is a great Forbes article about this very topic.  Though there are many reasons people cite for why we all love football, I will give you the real one: We're too busy for anything else!!

Football is perfect because games are once a week and usually only on the weekend.  This means that not only does every game matter but that we also have the time to watch most games of the season.  Try following a baseball season or a basketeball season while having a full time job, hobbies, family, and other responsibilites.  It's impossible!  I'm impressed the players show up for each game and care each day (do they?).  

During the game is even more evident of my point.  We (and I'll just say "Americans") are even too busy to concentrate through an entire game with no commercial breaks.  I'm sorry Soccer fans but during the World Cup I couldn't use the restroom during games to not miss the off chance a goal was attempted or let alone, went in (the only fun times of soccer).  And things got boring!  Watching football gives you breaks (too many, granted) to check your phone, your computer, grab a beer, or use the restroom.  It's just….perfect… 

In our household and in the BrightGauge office, we're all very excited for another season upon us.  We hope you are as well!

Oh, and GO IRISH!


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