Evernote & 100 Year Start Up

This week I watched the Foundation video where Kevin Rose interviews the CEO of Evernote, Phil Libin.  It’s a 34 minute video (link at the bottom of the post) and I highly recommend checking it out.  A few thoughts came to mind as I watched it.

I love how Kevin Rose does his interviews, he not only talks about the glory of these famous entrepreneurs but also the real stuff, like the failures, the challenges, and how they ‘really got started’.

Phil has a great perspective on startups and I love his goal of a 100 year start up.  He also has a great quote about startups not being a zero sum game, see below:

The other part of the interview I enjoyed was when he talked about companies that overuse the terms “cloud” and “innovation”, and some companies have a department labeled “Cloud Innovation” which he sarcastically joked about.

Its worth the watch and if not, just listen to the audio.  I’m a big fan of Phil Libin, and this interview shows a few of the reasons why.

Link to full Interview