Filtering Out The Noise

The internet is extremely powerful.  There is so much information out there and so much more being created on a daily basis.  I am starting to get overwhelmed, like I’m sure many of you are, with all the information.  How do I balance all the information out there and consume it without wasting too much time?  Lately I’ve been thinking about this as I’ve expanded the number of resources I review daily.  But it gets to the point that I’m running out of time, so I just skim stuff.

Over the past month I’ve found two great solutions for this and I think it goes back to a growing trend of content aggregators.  Not automated ones, human ones.  There are two I have recently found that have been a huge help.  The first is Benedict Evans, a blogger from the UK that was recommended by Fred Wilson, of AVC. (I read AVC every day, it’s in my top things I read first thing in the morning like Facebook, CNN).  Benedict has a weekly newsletter that goes out with a summary of some hot topics throughout the week which I read every Sunday.  You can subscribe here:

The most recent is Startup Management, also recommended by Fred Wilson (I guess he’s my main source of content).  It was recently launched by William Mougayar and their weekly wrap up email I can quickly see all the relevant blog posts in one organized fashion.  If you’re an entrepreneur or thinking of starting a company, this is a no brainer to sign up for this newsletter.

The best thing about both of these is that it’s not based on some complex algorithm that some content provider tricks to get a high ranking.  These folks are using technology and common sense, then interpreting the information into something they feel others would find useful.

The trick is to find the “aggregators” that you have the most in common with (social impact on the internet) and then follow those.  Then you can get rid of all the noise in your twitter feed and Google Reader (RIP).

If anyone has any new resources to share please let me know, I’m always looking for new ideas.


  • I do this kind of aggregation myself for the web development community. I actually post it as a blog post each week but newsletters have become a big deal lately for this specific reason (I remember when newsletters seemed “old skool”). I actually think it’s a skill to get good at skimming. I’ve become very proficient at skimming hundreds of items in a news feed and picking out the worthwhile items that deserve a full read.

  • That’s definitely a skill I don’t have but wish I did. You’re right, newsletter did seem to be old skool but now its easy for me to glance through it since it’s in my box and is top of mind for me as I’m clearing out emails.