Fun Friday – Entrepreneurshit

During takeoff for my morning flight to Cincinnati, I was flipping through Inc Magazine's latest issue "How We Did It".  I ended up reading an article about Mark Suster, the famed VC in Los Angeles who writes a very popular blog called Both Sides of the Table.  Mark is a former two time entrepreneur who turned to the darkside (as he calls it) into the VC world.  

Catching this article in Inc maganize reminded me of one of my all time favorite blog posts he wrote in 2012, Entrepreneurshit.  If you want to start a company or have started a company recently… its a must read.  If you just want a good laugh on how he turns the glammer of startups into the reality of it, check it out as well.

We need more posts like this circulating our startup communites.  I think Reality Checks are great…and fun!  Happy Friday!

PS – Also, here's another fantastic article on keeping companies privately funded.  Esri is the example.