Fun Friday – Excitement

Fun Friday Excitement Test:
  1. How many times do you wake up excited about your work day?  
  2. Do you feel insipired or energized?  
  3. Are you kicking butt and taking names?

For this Friday (or Saturday for those of you who get the emails the next day) I think everyone should ask themselves that first question.  If the answer is "never" then work towards a CHANGE asap.  There will always be tough days and some times there will be tough weeks but ultimately you have to enjoy the challenge or enjoy the victories of your work.

The last two weeks I've woken up excited every day.  Today, especially, I bounced out of bed with an extra hop in my step because of everything we have going on at BrightGauge. It hasn't always been this way though and I remember some really tough days and weeks, even just this past spring.  But when it was tough, my brother and I sat down and put a plan in place to make changes.

If you're having a tough time, dig deep and think about what you can do to change.  It could be as easy as voicing an opinion and fixed in a few days or could be a bigger change that takes a few months.  Either way, the first step is having a plan!