Fun Fridays: Passion or Crazy?

One of my favorite youtube videos of all time is the one of Steve Ballmer getting all pumped up at a Microsoft developer conference.  And I love it not because he looks like a crazy person jumping around the stage but because the man is full of passion and he is fired up!!  

Growing up most of us played sports and/or competed in other things to win titles or awards.  And when something great happened, we got excited and fired up and probably jumped around with our friends!  Well the reality is this type of spontaneous victory or excitement doesn't happen in the business world (rarely in startups either, sorry future startups).  

This is why Steve Balmer's video is one of my favorites.  He went nuts, he got excited, and he showed it publicly.  He doesn't look as good as Tiger Woods hitting a long put in a major to win or Pudge Rodriguez tagging out J.T. Snow in a collission at the plate.  But he looks just about as corny as I would look in his position and it's awesome.

So for this Fun Friday, get excited about something, turn up that radio, and "Get on Your Feet"!!