Keeping Tabs on Quick Decisions

As a leader of a small company or a group, you're primary job is to make decisisons on a daily or even hourly basis.  This means you have to become really good at weighing options quickly but even better at recovering from bad decisions.  This becomes especially true in a small business (which most of our readers are in) since you don't have the luxury of heavy analysis due to time or money constraints.  Companies like ours at BrightGauge are trying to solve that problem by making "business information" more easily available for small group leaders but I won't get into that in this post.

A practice I've come to enjoy is, on a weekly basis, thinking back on the decisions made over the week and doing a little count.  Nothing formal but more of a quick mental check: Did the week end up better than it started?  Did we move the company forward with the decisions made?  And most importantly, what needs to be set up next week or needs to be changed?

In a young company things happen very fast and change is constant.  Over three years running BrightGauge, I've found this to be absolutely normal but only recently have I been able to embrace this practice and enjoy the pace of quick decisions.  What's evident is that poor decisions can be recovered from quickly but making many small "good decisions" can propel a group in a positive direction.

It's the middle of the week today and it's a good time to stay focused and make sure you're making the right small decisions for your team.  It'll be the weekend in just three days but in a small group that's plenty of time to make great things happen!