Keeping Weekly Meetings Productive

Every week my brother and I meet “officially” and talk about everything going on with our companies, with a specific focus on how our newest one is doing (BrightGauge).  The challenge becomes keeping these meetings fresh and productive since we see each other every day and talk multiple times a day.  The last thing we want to do is waste an hour of our week as we would be critical of anyone else wasting time.

Over the past months we’ve continued to tweak our agenda and we’ve settled on the following that has worked well:

  1. What are our core objectives? (static list)

  2. What are we working on that helps achieve those objectives?

  3. What is blocking us from working to meet those objectives?

  4. Open Projects Together

  5. Decisions Pending

  6. Misc

This has worked great for us because the agenda kicks off as a weekly reminder that we have to focus on projects that impact our goals, and nothing more.  If one of us is working on other items, it means we’re being blocked and whatever is blocking us needs a solution quickly.

The meetings are short of an hour and we cover everything at a high level plus we’re able to dig deep into one or two items that need to be addressed.  I highly recommend rethinking your meeting agendas to make sure you’re getting the most out of them.  I’m certainly going to rethink all my other weekly and daily meetings.