MSPs & The Entrepreneurial Spirit

The managed services provider is not going away anytime soon…

I remember attending IT Nation 2010 and there was a lot of “doom & gloom” talk in the industry.  The cloud was just picking up steam and people were worried about how they would combat Google, Microsoft, and the other big boys.  I don’t know why that stuck in my head and I remember thinking it was a bit depressing.

But I am very happy to report that MSPs are alive and well, and THRIVING.  We did a recent customer survey, completely anonymous and one of the questions was related to revenue performance and I was pleasantly surprised to see that only 3% of the respondents have seen revenue decline over the past year, and 2/3 of the respondents reported revenue increase over 10%.

The other noticeable trend I’ve seen personally is the amount of MSPs current and former (like myself), that have started other businesses serving the MSP market.  This is AWESOME.  What better driver to start a business than to “scratch your own itch” and continue to work in this industry.  I’ve had several conversations with MSPs that have started software companies and it’s amazing to see the impressive progress they have made.

Just the past few weeks I’ve spoken with DeskDirector, Client Heartbeat, Stack Advisors, PassPortal, Org Sciences, just to name a few.  They are all MSPs or former MSPs working on new solutions for the MSP industry.

I love to see these new businesses starting up and I’m excited to see what the founders of these companies will do!


  • Eric – Thank you for mentioning us in your post. The team at Stack Advisors is very excited about using our experience to help MSPs succeed with LabTech, Connectwise and Autotask integrations.

  • Any time. We are very excited to be working with companies like you to help build the MSP community.