Opportunity looks a lot like Hard Work

Over the weekend I had breakfast with a friend and his father and we got talking about the young generation of people in the workforce.  The father, who is a federal judge and works with many  young law students, said something profound.  He said:

“The new generation of kids coming out of law school worry so much about feeling happy all the time.  Whether at work, in their personal life, or even on the golf course.  They don’t realize that sometimes their life won’t be perfect and that they won’t always be happy 100% of time.   They feel they can or should complain about it or quit a job, just because they're not happy for a short period of time.  You can't quit golf just because you hit a bad shot.  Life is full of hard work and tough times, and its ok, it's how you work through those tough times that counts.”

He’s right, we (and I’m still borderline of the generation he is talking about) are very selfishly focused about being happy and feeling happy all of the time.  The attitude of just working hard and “paying your dues” is rarely what we find in young people but instead the attitude of entitlement is pervasive.  

Ashton Kutcher, I can’t believe I’m going to pay him a compliment, nailed his acceptance speech and touched upon this topic in front of an audience of Teen Choice Award watchers.  Hopefully they were truly listening admist all those crazy cheers.  

Let's help our younger workforce learn the value of hard work through good mentorship and open communication.  They will be grateful in the long term!