Remote Work

From my Fun Friday's post, you can start to tell that we take our company "culture" and work/life balance seriously for our team members.  There is no doubt that we all work hard and that we ask alot from our team but we also always provide a flexible and fun work environment where possible.  

One of our companies, BrightGauge (which is where I spend most of my time), is a software company that sells and markets to the global IT Services market.  We have customers in 6 different continents and around 15 or so countries.  The short reason for why that matters for this post is that all we do is stare at our computers all day to either write code (developers) or sell/support our customers (everyone else).  When you stare at your computer all day to do your work you quickly realize that all you need to be productive is your computer and an Internet connection.  Here comes the meat of the post:

Remote work is something we champion and support because it allows us to hire the most talented people and it allows them to work from wherever THEY feel is best for them.  We took this nod from one of our favorite companies, 37 signals.  One of their team members wrote an awesome post the other day on her move to Portland from their HQ in Chicago and how she's loving it.  For sake of brevity here, I ask that you read her article, it's pretty cool and she basically described how our environment works (short of the horse mask….oh i bet now you're going to read it!).

Here's the caveat in that "work from wherever" culture they promote at 37 signals and we support at BrightGauge.  It doesn't work for every company and it doesn't work for every team member.  You have to work VERY hard at communication and the team must have a certain bond/trust already formed.  

That's where this gets tricky and why 5 of our 8 team members come to the office everyday. Our Miami, FL office is still relatively new and hiring new folks so its better that we see each other every day and get to know and trust each other.  After that bond is formed and after team members prove they can communicate extremely well, remote work on a part time or full time basis starts to become a real possibility for the right team members.  

Across all our companies we have people working together every day from Miami, Seattle, San Francisco, Tampa, New Hampshire, and a contractor in Venezuela.  Wild right?  It hasn't always been easy but I believe we've found our groove…