Remote Work – Team Meetups

This week we have one our senior developers in Miami, from San Francisco, to meet with one of our new senior developers that's based out of Miami.  He's here for 3 days and day 1 was already action packed and very productive.

Remote work is fantastic as it allows you to hire the most talented people from anywhere and it allows the person to have tremendous freedom in their work/life balance…but there is no exact substitute for in person collaboration.  In fact, our other two developers in San Francisco met up yesterday for lunch to catch up on a big project they're working on.  

We're going to schedule more meetups throughout the year as there is a huge benefit for quarterly face to face meetings.  We feel this will accomplish the best of both worlds: the flexibility and enhanced productivity of Remote Work plus the spontaneous collaboration and bonding time that comes from being together physically.

More to come from on us as we perfect our remote work environment.  And certainly a few posts on how important "the right people" are in every organization.