eBook: 10 Lessons Learned From Selling Our MSP

Last year, we sold our Compuquip Managed Services Practice to All Covered, a division of Konica Minolta.  Many lessons were learned over the 6 months of due diligence and then 12 months of integration and transition.

Done successfully an acquisition can provide a win-win-win for all parties involved including the seller to achieve a liquidity event, the buyer to expand or launch their presence in the business, and for the teams to have new opportunities.

Now that the transaction is completed we took some time to reflect on the experience and document some of the key lessons learned throughout the entire process.  This is not a theoretical eBook; this is based on our experience in the recent transaction.

Download the 10 Lessons Learned from Selling Our MSP where we share specific real life lessons learned during our last transaction. Specifically we provide insight into:

  • How to best prepare for a potential acquisition before it’s even on the radar
  • Several important resources to consider before sharing your information
  • What to expect in every stage of the sale process from start to finish

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