Bringing The Entire Team Together

This week marks one of the very few times in BrightGauge’s 3+ year history that we have brought the entire team together under one roof.  Since we launched we have had a split team between San Francisco, CA and Miami, FL.  But this week we brought the San Francisco crew over to Miami for 3 days.

We have written a lot on this blog about working remotely and the importance of team meetings, so we are following our own advice and trying to bring the team together more often.  It’s not always easy and it’s certainly not without expense however, it’s extremely beneficial.

With our big upcoming release in the next few weeks, we thought it was the perfect time to bring everyone together to finish off the planning and execution of the game plan.  Plus we have several team members that are meeting for the first time which is always exciting.

I’m excited to have everyone together for a few days to work together and of course, have some fun together.