Is my beloved Apple faltering?

Apple is an amazing company that changed the way the world views technology in the 21st century.  In fact, I'll be forever grateful to my cousin who suggested I buy a MacBook Pro as it led to a chain of events in my family's professional life that was incredible (think of this: new venture started, old venture sold…all started from that amazing new MacBook Pro experience).

Unfortunately, though, yesterday's release of iOS7 and an announcement of new phones came as a total surprise to me.  In previous years, I used to know release dates, used to download updates same day, and used to pre-order releases of new devices.  As of today I still have an iPad2 (which I never use) and now I wait at least a month before moving to new the OS.  Is this telling or is it just me being busy?

For Apple to continue to live up to their own expectations and success will be tough.  In fact, it's going to be nearly impossible to keep that momentum and innovativeness.  But if there is one large company to continue to reinvent itself, its Apple.  And I'll always be a loyal consumer of theirs and take notes of how they do it. 

Good luck Apple!  Keep at it!

Writers Note: I wrote this post on my iPhone 5 while passing an AT&T store with a line outside before opening.  Maybe this Friday I'm the crazy one!