LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner Interview at TechCrunch Disrupt

This week was the Tech Crunch Disrupt SF 2013 conference that TechCrunch hosts every year to bring the technology community together and discuss what’s happening in tech right now.  My favorite part of the conference is the line up of influential speakers they put together and have informal conversations and interviews.

I have not gone through all of them just yet, however, one of my favorite so far is the conversation with LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner.  He discussed a lot of different topics but I was most impressed with two of them in particular.  The first is about the LinkedIn vision of the future and building what they call the Economic Graph.  And the second is about how Jeff schedules 90 minutes every day on his calendar to do nothing.  To learn more about his philosophony on this, check his blog post from April titled The Importance of Scheduling Nothing

Click the picture or this video link

If you follow the link you’ll see it includes 2 different videos, one on stage and one backstage, both are worth watching.

* photo courtesy of TechCrunch