Miami Job Fair – Recap & Tips

This past weekend I attended the Miami Job Fair hosted by Refresh Miami and The LAB Miami.  It was a great event with 15 or so companies sponsoring / having booths for over 500 candidates in attendance.  BrightGauge was one of those sponsors as we want to meet local candidates with a passion for technology as well as trying to fill specific positions currently open (customer support being the main one).   

All in all it was a successful event and the organization of it was fantastic.  Refresh and the LAB catered to their sponsors, held to their word of having over 500 candidates, and were sending candidates our way throughout the day.

In hiring, its not fair to judge a book by its cover but when meeting 100 candidates, there has to be some sort of weed out process.  Below, I outlined 4 quick steps I took to see if someone was a potential fit during my conversation with them.  If you know anyone looking for work (especially the younger folks) please pass along these tips as I think most employers would agree.

  • Attire – Many people, unfortunately, showed up sloppily dressed or informally dressed.  This was an easy sign to show they were not serious about looking for work. Some of these outfits were baggy cargo shorts, very informal t-shirts, etc.  I didn’t (and don’t) mind casual attire but it should look put together and presentable.   

  • Research – A majority of the candidates I met had no idea what BrightGauge was about.  If a candidate didn’t do any research before coming to a job fair, I doubt they’ll be prepared for day to day work.  Takes 30 minutes to research 15 companies.

  • Resume Pushers – Many times a candidate just wanted to get their resume in my hand instead of using the time to have a good conversation with me and then politely, handing over their resume.   Most of my conversations were one one one so I was looking for the people who could engage in a professional conversation.

  • Follow up – Lastly, I asked every candidate to send me an email with why they think they would want to work at BrightGauge after our conversation.  If I met 100 people, only about 15 have sent responses thus far and only about 5-7 have been thoughtful, well written emails.  Thankfully, those candidates met the criteria I had above as well!

Like I said, it was a great event and I would sponsor it again and again.  It was most encouraging to see other employers looking to hire 1 – 5 people and to see the qualified candidates motivated and ready to get to work.  That’s what this country needs and our community needs!