Productivity – Problem Identification Post!

One of my main professional focuses has always been about getting more out of each day.  In fact, many of my posts on this blog are about productivity.  So starting today I'm going to formalize these posts a bit more so they're easy to follow along with the ability to refer back to old ones.  We've also created a category just for productivity posts.  Maybe you get a little inspiration or maybe you just want to read about how obsessed we are about this topic, either way, today we start to make it easy for you.

Whether it was a work day or a non-work day, I’ve always been interested in how many things (or how much) I can get done in an allotted amount of time.  For some reason its fascinating to me because the one thing we all have a finite amount of is time and some hours are spent doing 10 great things and some hours are wasted away doing nearly nothing.

In order to not to bore anyone with what I get done in my free time, I’ll stick with the professional side of productivity.

In the working world the standard work day is eight hours.  Eight hours each day for 5 days to get tasks and goals completed.  To me that’s an amazing amount of time to get anything done. Think about it, 8 hours is the equivalent of running almost two marathons back to back. That’s insane!

Unfortunately the status quo most of us live in is that we can barely get the things done that we need to get done in a work day. The truth is that most people get distracted, are provided with no sense of direction from their leaders, wait on others constantly, and in return have become proficient at wasting time.  Most of you know exactly what I’m talking about, 8 hours goes by really fast when this happens.

In my next post I’ll talk about what we can do resolve these challenges.  If people, workers and leaders, work smarter and focus, this societal norm could possible change.  At least that’s my hope…