Benefits of Developing and Implementing Processes

We all have processes to do all the things we do.  We may not know it, but pretty much everything we do we have a process for.  How we get dressed in the morning, how we get to work, how we prep our morning coffee, etc.  But I doubt anyone has those processes documented.  Makes sense, why would you, since you’re the only one that goes through those processes.

But in a business, there are a lot of people involved in the processes.  So how do you share the knowledge with others so they know what they’re doing.  If you’re a small shop with a handful of employees it might be easy to just walk people through processes, but as you get larger it gets more challenging.

I talk about it in my eBook; how we documented our processes in preparation for the sale of our business, but we started doing that long before we thought about selling.  We forced ourselves to put most of our processes on paper so we could share it with others.  It’s not an easy task but it also doesn’t have to be very complicated.  People can over complicate this and then make it impossible to complete or ever use.

Below is a basic example of our first draft of our service ticket management process that we developed in 2006.  We were trying to share with everyone about our new SLAs we were deploying and this was the easiest way to share it with the team.  An unintended consequence is that when it came time to sell, because we had everything documented, it increased our value and made the integration much easier.

Start small and pick something simple just to get the hang of it, then build out from there.  Here’s a hint on where to start.  Where is there the most confusion within your team?  Where do the most questions come up?  That’s where I would look first.