BrightGauge Latest Release – Version 3.1!!

This week at BrightGauge we released a big update to our product that I’ve hinted at in previous posts.  Though many visual changes came with this release the big “game changer” for us was the beta release of our Dashboard feature!  Let me explain a bit more for those unfamiliar with our product.

Our product is a Business Analytics software platform that is focused on a specific industry (the IT Services Industry).  This means our platform ingests data from multiple data sources that we have pre built integrations with and then the platform allows our customers to transform, pivot an analyze their raw data into meaningful metrics.  If it sounds complicated… it is…. but of course we make it very easy from a web interface.  

Previous to this week, our users were only able to consume their analyzed data and metrics in a “reports” format and delivered via email.  Though “pushed reports” are a great way to consume data easily since it's sent right to our customer’s inboxes, our customers wanted more real time data in more of a Dashboard format that they could log into or even place on TVs around the office.  

That’s what this beta release is all about..  Now when our users log in they see an “in-app” customizable dashboard that they can add, remove, resize, reorder the “widgets” (we call them gauges) around the screen.  See screenshot below:

We called this a “Beta” release because what we really want is the same great feedback our users already give us regarding small tweaks and feature ideas.  After a few days already the feedback has been fantastic.

The next step now in this game changer release for us is to provide that dashboard in a big “TV View”, or otherwise called a “Wallboard”.  That functionality will look like the image below:

We’re very excited about this month’s release and opening up our platform to more and more data sources.  We have a great team that’s working hard and this release was just the start of some great things to come.

Great work @BrightGauge team!!