Computer Science in Public Education

A good friend of mine told me that he wants his child to speak three languages when they grow up, English, Spanish, and a Computer language.  He wasn't even a computer guy, he worked in finance in Chicago.  But like many of us, we are seeing the value in understanding computer languages in every day life now and becoming even more prominent in the future.

No blog post illustrated this better than the one from Marc Andreessen, Software is eating the world.  Mr. Andreessen is right and my friend is right, our children need to understand the basics of how software works.  I don't think software is yet at the point where its a utility (ever tried to understand electricity?…exactly) but more just another basic understanding that our youngsters need to learn to make themselves very competitve in the future workforce.

That being said, I was inspired about what Fred Wilson is doing in NYC and what he wrote about a few days back.  Essentially its this:

I'd like to announce something that a few of us have been working on for some time now. My colleagues at The NYC Foundation For Computer Science Education and I are raising a $5mm seed fund to invest in computer science education in the NYC public school system. 

This fantastic and what every city needs to be doing, especially my hometown of Miami.  This is something that will make an impact for our future!