Fun Friday: Let’s save iGoogle? or just help me with a replacement!!

For about 3-4 years now my home page at Google has been iGoogle personalized with all my favorite widgets of news outlets, blogs, weather, and email.  Last year when Google announced that they were sunsetting the feature, I figured a year would be enough time to find a replacement (or perhaps Google would have just presented one to me).  Well in just 7 days iGoogle will be gone and I have no replacement!!  

If anyone has any suggestions ,please let me know as I love logging in and getting everything I "want" to know about, right in front of me.  Or, better yet, if this blog post gets read by half the world and Google decides to keep iGoogle, I'll go for that too.  Whichever works best so I can have my home page like a personalized newspaper!


PS – Deep down I am ok with them sunsetting this feature and totally understand.  In fact, we are sunsetting 3 legacy features in the next few months at BrightGauge and as much as I want to keep them, the business case just isn't there!  And some users will be like me….will want them to be saved!!