Intensity of the Final Stretch

At BrightGauge, we’re close to our second big release of 2013 and one that we’ve been planning, thinking about, and working on for close to a year now.  With this update, the value of our product shifts quite a bit and is a “game changer” for us in our market.   It also prepares us for a great 2014 of opportunities.  Needless to say, its a very important project and update.  As of today we’re at the final stretch, the final month, the final loose ends…. and INTENSITY levels are high among the team.  And I love it…

It’s in these times where you see who the real players are within your team and who can “close the deal and deliver”.  That’s always my favorite part of closing a big deal or a big project like this.  Alternatively, though, you also get a peak of where your weaknesses are in your process and team.  In fact, it was earlier this year when we had our first big update of 2013 that we were able to see exactly where all our weak pieces were within our team.  And shortly after that release we made big personnel changes and culture changes that have dramatically improved our team.

Without big projects weakness can hide and superstars are muted.  It’s only when something big is on the line that you really learn how people react and how your processes hold up.  I’ll keep you posted on how we end up!