Prepping For IT Nation: Sponsor or Attendee

We are 4 weeks away from what has become one of the best conferences in the IT Service Provider & MSP space, Connectwise IT Nation.  The world traveling and sharp dressing Joe P of MSP Mentor put together a great summary about the conference last week.  The hype will start building pretty steadily until the conference starts.  The Connectwise Community Team always does a great job of building the excitement.

As we sit 4 weeks away from the conference I wanted to share a few things to consider in preparation.  This is specifically focused on those out there that are attending as sponsors but many of the principles apply to attendees as well.  I’ve already had several calls with folks that are sponsoring for the first time and were curious what to expect.

Detailed To Do List – The first thing I do is put together a very detailed to do list of everything we need to bring and do in preparation for the conference.  Big important things like travel arrangements all the way to small details like how many water bottles we need at the booth.

Schedule Your Meetings – I’ve already reached out to several of our customers and partners in the industry to schedule time to get together.  Especially with people that are traveling from outside the US and have made their travel plans well in advance.

Outline Your Schedule – Take a look at the agenda ahead of time and start blocking off which sessions you plan to attend and when you’ll have free time.  (selfish plug: hopefully you mark down my session of MSP to ISV).

Clear Your Schedule – I clear my schedule the day before and the 2 days after the conference.  The reason for the day before is to slow things down and prepare for 3 intense days of learning and meeting with people.  The 2 days after is partly to catch up and maybe a little time to recover from the “Off The Grid” happy hour 🙂

If you're planning on attending and want to meet up, please let me know…