TechSpeak For Entrepreneurs in Miami

In May of 2013, my brother and I attended the TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs Bootcamp in New York hosted by Nelly Yusupova.  The sessions were so helpful for us that we pushed Nelly into bringing this bootcamp to Miami!  Nelly and her team just confirmed the dates of November 9th & 10th and she has been kind enough to offer a discount to the Miami Community: TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs Miami.

In just two days in NYC we soaked in 16 hours of amazing content on how to go from an idea for a startup to tapping into the technology and technologists to make that vision a reality.

At the time, we were 2 years into our journey but decided to attend to get a refresher on best practices of running a development team.  Had we attended this bootcamp 2 years earlier it would have saved us a ton of money by avoiding costly mistakes in our development process and delays to our project launches.

The boot camp brings tremendous value whether you’re in the business plan stage,  have an idea on the back of a napkin, or if you’re working in an established company.  It’s great for everyone interested in tech, whether you’re a technology guru that wants a quick refresher or if you’ve never interfaced with the technology team but want to learn more.  Here are a few things you’ll learn:

  • How to validate your product ideas before building them
  • How to implement Lean and Agile practices into your company culture
  • How to plan your entire project so that your tech team will know exactly what to do
  • How to hire the right tech people.
  • How to manage the project and catch mistakes early
  • How to deliver your project on time and on budget

Come check it out, you’ll thank me for it later!