Transitioning from Interuptive to Integrated Customer Communciation

How often should you communicate with your customers?

That is the magic question, especially in today’s world of information overload.  At BrightGauge, we try to take a variety of approaches. We’re working on more “integrated communication” versus “interruptive communication” but it’s an on going battle.  I can’t take credit for that phrase, I actually picked that up at HubSpot’s Inbound Conference this summer.

Here’s the challenge.  We have customers all over the world, some that are new to the platform and others that have been with us since we launched 2 years.  Even though we are a SaaS platform, where everyone has the same version, every customer of ours uses it a little different.  And if you haven’t updated your usage in over 6 months, then you’re not taking advantage of all the amazing new features we’ve released this year.

We have tried to email our customers, tweet, blog, host calls, etc, anything to help get the word out.  But many of them still don’t realize all the new features we have.  I’m not blaming them, it’s our job to communicate, I’m just stating that we’re still working to find the secret sauce.

With our big dashboard release just being announced, we’re trying something a little different.  We’re still going to send out emails to our customers, we are still going to tweet and share the news on social media and via our blog, and just last week we had two calls with our customers about the new release.  But this time we’re also completely changing the login screen.  It’s going to be shocking to people and it will certainly get their attention.

How do you communicate with your customers?  What have you found to be the best way?  And how do you like people to communicate with you when you’re the customer?  

Let us know…