Top 5 Reasons why I enjoy the holidays!

On this quiet Wednesday before Thanksgiving I wanted to share my TOP 5 reasons why I always look forward to this time of year (the holidays).  Hopefully my list provides you some food for thought on how to take advantage of the next 6 weeks.

Reason #5 – No Guilt while Eating & Drinking & being Merry!

All those guilty feelings when eating “unhealthy” food go away starting on Thanksgiving day!  All of sudden drinking great wine and eating rich foods because the norm…and allowed.  Go for it!

Reason #4 – The Weather

My brother and I are fortunate to live in Miami, FL year round and the winter is always the best.  Typically during the holidays its mid 70’s with less humidity than in the summer.  Essentially it’s still warm enough to wear shorts but cool enough to sit outside day and night.  But hey, if you live in cold climate even the snow looks more beautiful in December (not the same for late February….I know first hand).

Reason #3 – Catch Up Time at Work

Since almost everyone takes some vacation time around the holidays its the best time to get back to those To Do’s that never seem to get done.  Taking advantage of the quiet time will start the next year off right.  Don't get too lazy now!

Reason #2 – Family Time

The holidays almost “force” extended families to visit each other and I look forward to my visits quite a bit.  But there is nothing more important than family and getting everyone together makes the holidays a special time (even though on the surface it may seem more stressful).

Reason # 1 – Plenty of Personal Time to Reflect & Plan

This is my favorite part….during these slow times there is plenty of time to reflect on the past year, be thankful for what we have, and plan for the following year.  I’ve found that during the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s always a challenge to spend quiet time reflecting and planning.  However small or large a life “course correction” is needed, there is no better time to start than in the new year.  Get thinking and get planning! You won’t regret making a change.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and I hope you enjoy another holiday season.