Catching Up From Being Out

It was Monday at 5:30am and I was at my desk staring at my inbox with tons of new emails that include questions, comments, new client sign ups, personal emails, blog posts yet to be read, team member requests, etc.

I’ve been out of the office from Tuesday thru Saturday at our big industry conference.  Sure I kept up with email when I could but it was tough.  The entire time we were at the conference, we were either working the booth area, face to face meetings, eating, resting, or having some tasty vino fino…not much time for follow ups.

It’s now 8:45am and I’m at the office with a to do list that has 37 tasks broken out into 5 categories.  Here’s what ended up happening; after 10 or 15 minutes of staring at my inbox, I dove in.  I scanned each email that I had plus all my scribbled notes and started breaking out a to do list and list things out.

After about 45 minutes the to do list naturally started to fall into a few categories, (1) Immediate Action Required, (2) Personal, (3) Thursday Trip, (4) Conference Follow Up, and (5) General Business.

So today, I’ll tackle the “Immediate Action Required” first, the “Thursday Trip” stuff can be pushed to Thursday, “Personal” I’ll do tonight, “Conference Follow Up” will be done after the immediate items, and the last one is “General Business” which I’ll try to fit in when I can.

Breaking up the tasks into smaller to do lists and categories helped me prioritize my tasks not only based on the importance but also the timing (i.e. Thursday Trip items can wait until Thursday).

How do you handle the growing to do list when you get back from a trip?