Fun Friday: Struggling with Facebook

As part of this Fun Friday, I wanted to use the opportunity to ask if anyone else is struggling to really keep engaged with Facebook.  I’m trying to figure out if its just me, the platform, or something bigger with my age demographic because I’m just not that into checking Facebook as much these days.  

There are always jokes about Facebook being all about “selfies” or “baby pictures” but the truth is my news feed is cluttered with stuff that I really don’t care about (not that it was amazing stuff before, but at least it was entertaining).  My news feed is a mix of businesses I follow, news articles, not so good friends life updates, and good friends life updates all jumbled together.  And it seems the non-interesting stuff is taking over the updates that used to interest me.

What I’m thinking is that the people I do care about getting an update from,  I’m either getting their updates in persons, by email, by text, or they are not posting that much.  And to be honest, I think its the last one…

Is there a trend here?  Is this anecdotal evidence that Facebook is not keeping everyone engaged and connected anymore?  Or is it just me?  

  • A little over a year ago I un-friended all but family and 3-4 VERY close friends. Got rid of the noise and allowed me to see what was important.
    2-3 months ago I noticed that this small group was getting less active.
    This week, I uninstalled Facebook from my phone and plan to just check from my desktop once a week.
    The only challenge I’m not prepared for is being able to immediately share pictures of activities and the kids. (I wonder if IFTTT can help with that…hmmm?)
    I think I’ll survive just fine,

  • I think I”m going you’re route Mike. Smart move…