MSP Mondays – Video on RMM Acquisitions

Typically my brother posts on these MSP Mondays but this weekend I found a great video that is worth sharing and if you have 45 minutes, worth watching.  Michael George is CEO of Continuum, a Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) software platform, and he gives a great talk on what's going on with all the acquisitions of his competitors.  

For those who do not know, this past summer 3 companies who sell competing RMM products were all acquired within 30 days.  SolarWinds bought N-Able for $130 Million, AVG bought Level Platforms for $20 Million, and a private equity firm purchased Kaseya for an undisclosed (but apparently significant) sum.  Michael breaks down each of these acquisitions and provides more detail and his perspective on what it means for the MSP Industry.  Like he mentions, this is not a sales pitch but just a great recap of recent events.