My Prediction: MSP to ISV Trend Will Continue

Last week at IT Nation, I got a chance to meet with 3 or 4 companies that are making the jump from a pure IT Service Provider or MSP to a Software Company (ISV).  It’s amazing to see this trend which makes sense given that MSPs are always looking for additional lines of revenue and a way to differentiate themselves.

I had a handful of one on one meetings with many of them to discuss their business plans and ideas.  They were each in a variety of stages, from “an idea on the back of a cocktail napkin” to “launching at the IT Nation”.  The common theme in every conversation is how much opportunity there is in the software world.  My brother and I are huge believers in the world of software which is why we’re so excited about BrightGauge and it’s future potential.

This was only further confirmed during my breakout of MSP to ISV where we had a large group of IT Service Providers and MSPs that are looking to make the transfer over to a Software Vendor.  I was so happy to see everyone engaged in the presentation, especially since it was the last breakout session before the big conference ending party.

I think we’re going to see more and more MSPs migrate over to ISVs…