BrightGauge 2nd Birthday

This week is a special week for the BrightGauge Team!  

This week we celebrate BrightGauge’s 2nd birthday of being a live commercial product.  For those of you that know my brother and I, we do like to celebrate great milestones and not by sitting back and relaxing, although I’m sure there will be a few nice dinners and nice bottles of vino fino enjoyed this week at Bull & Bear.

We’ve decided to celebrate BrightGauge’s 2nd birthday in style by announcing our new release BrightGauge 3.1 that brings rapidly refreshing customizable dashboards into our business analytics platform.  This was by far the most requested feature of our platform over the past 2 years and we are so excited to finally have completed the release and have our customers using it.

The release has been in beta for 4 weeks now and we have received a ton of positive feedback from our customers.  The great thing about beta programs and our awesome customer base is that we get some real honest feedback and it gives us a chance to make any final tweaks.

For those of you attending IT Nation this year and interested in learning about how we formed BrightGauge and made the leap from MSP to a true SaaS business, please stop by break out session Friday afternoon, details can be found here.

For those that want to learn more about our new release you can do so by visiting here.

We are so excited about the news, and if you want to celebrate with us please do so by clicking this link to share the news:


Fun Friday: Struggling with Facebook

As part of this Fun Friday, I wanted to use the opportunity to ask if anyone else is struggling to really keep engaged with Facebook.  I’m trying to figure out if its just me, the platform, or something bigger with my age demographic because I’m just not that into checking Facebook as much these days.  

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