Being Responsive With Support

People hate waiting…

In my experience in the world of support, customers really dislike when their issues are not being responded to in a timely manner.  In my personal experience I know that when something is broken that I’m trying to use, I want it resolved immediately.

The last few weeks we have received more support tickets than ever before which is understandable given the recent growth spurt we have hit.  However, my brother and I are extremely proud of our team’s ability to respond to issues in a timely fashion.

We pulled the stats and for the last 30 days our average first reply is 3.7 hours.  Now that may seem like a lot in a vacuum but let me add some context.  The average software company that uses ZenDesk (the tool we use for support) has a first response rate of 21.0 hours.  

Another important factor is that our small team is responding to requests that we are receiving from all over the world, which means we’re getting hit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week but our team is only “on call” from 9AM – 6PM (EST) Monday – Friday.

We strive to make our software platform as intuitive as possible and provide as much documentation as we can to help our users.  But that’s a work in progress.  So when we do get a support request we try to respond as quickly as possible.


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