My favorite new team app!

For the past 6 months our team at BrightGauge has been using a simple application called iDoneThis.  I say simple because it does only a few things:

  1. The application sends an email at the end of each day asking what you’ve  done that day. It sends this to everyone on your team (that you set up in the app).  
  2. You, and your team, individually respond via email on all the things you accomplished that day.
  3. The next morning, at 6am or 7am or 8am (your choice), you get an email with the aggregated notes of what was done by everyone.  And this email goes to everyone!  Below is a screenshot of the email recap.  

That’s all there is to it and our entire team participates every day.  Sometimes we add in jokes about what we did for lunch and sometimes we even add in what we did on the weekends.  Its easy, it works, and keeps everyone on the same page with whats being worked on.  Perfect for small teams working fast and hard!

My favorite part of the app though, is that it keeps us all focused on tasks we’re getting done daily.  At 5pm when the email comes in asking “What did you get done today?” we all have to sit back and reflect about what we actually accomplished.  And there is no worse feeling than not having much to add at the end of the day… 

I love simple apps and this one is my new favorite!