Creating A Clearing

Several of my recent posts have been about how to maximize productivity, specifically how I’ve started processing my email in batches and also implemented focus time blocks.  Both have proven to be great approaches to getting tasks done but my role as a Co-Founder of BrightGauge and also CEO of our other family companies is not just about getting tactical things done.  It just happens to be a high priority at BrightGauge as we go through this rapid growth phase.

When I’m not focused on those tactical tasks, I do have a responsibility to think about where are our companies going strategically, how are we adapting our business based on what’s happening in the industry and economy, and how we can take our companies to the next level.  In order to do this type of work, I can’t be staring at my computer hammering the next task.  I have to Create A Clearing!

Creating a Clearing can mean different things to different people and it may sound like an obvious thing to do but many people don’t apply it.  For me, Creating a Clearing happens when I’m away from my desk and I’m doing something else.  It could be playing tennis with my brother, going for a run, early in the morning or just reading.  It’s any time that my mind is free to wander and not trying to finish the next task on the list.

Reading is a great catalyst for Creating a Clearing.  I spend a lot of time on the weekends reading blogs and magazines related to my industry and companies.  For some, that might seem crazy because the weekends are meant to help you disconnect, but for me, I love reading and learning about what others are doing or have done.  This allows me to learn from their mistakes and apply their tactics within my life or business.

Just last weekend I was reading about how to better manage a sales pipeline and this week we implemented some new processes and already have better visibility into our sales team and process at BrightGauge.  

How do you Create A Clearing for yourself?