Going Back in Time with my Old Laptop Bag

This past weekend I was packing for my trip to LA for the annual YPO Global Leadership Conference and decided to bring my old laptop bag instead of the one I normally carry around. I found it tucked away in a closet, just as I had left it. When I opened it, what I found inside was the equivalent of taking a time machine back in time.

The last time I used the bag I was lugging around a “massive” HP laptop, no wonder this bag had wheels that would have destroyed my back. As I searched the pockets, it was preserved exactly as I had left it. Besides finding expired medicine and some very old business cards, three things jumped out at me:

#1 – The MASSIVE power cord that was required to charge my MASSIVE laptop. The power cord seemed like something out of an old movie. The power cord alone must weigh more than my current Mac Air laptop does.

#2 – The 6’ long ethernet cord that I used to carry so I could plug into networks for internet access. Since moving to my Mac Air, I have not “plugged in” anywhere in the last 2 years because I always seem to find WiFi where I go. And the Air doesn’t even have a port to plug in an Ethernet cable, you need an adapter for that. (Side note and selfish request; I would love for Apple to come out with a Mac Air that also has cell phone service capabilities so when I don’t have wireless I’m still connected).

#3 – No Apple chargers or cords to plug into the USB port. This was before I had an “iEverything” that requires me to carry around 2 or 3 cords to charge things with.

This experience made me stop and think about how much things have changed in technology and more specifically with my personal use of technology. I have to admit it was fun to take a brief walk down memory lane 2009…