Listening & Learning About What Our Customers Are Saying

We’re a small team at BrightGauge and we sit in a small office where everyone can see/hear each other to maximize collaboration.  Even with this setup my brother and I thought we could be collaborating more.  

So this year we started formally meeting as a team every 2 weeks.  We picked that frequency to coincide with our bi weekly release schedule (more on our release process in a future blog post.)  The meetings have been nicknamed “Rambo Meetings” because they always include several custom order Rambo Pizzas as you can see below:

Rambo Pizza Lunch

During the meeting, we have an agenda we cover to make sure everyone is on the same page.  Here is a sample agenda from one of our recent meetings with a description of what we cover during each section:

  1. Current Release Details – discussing what is included in the latest release
  2. Upcoming Release Plan – discussing what we plan to do the next release
  3. Special Project Review – reviewing our special project progress
  4. Team Goal Review – reviewing how we are tracking against our goals
  5. Listening & Learning – what are we hearing from our community

The most important section of the agenda is the last item “Listen & Learning” which is where we spend most of our time.  This is actually a tip I picked up when I attended the Verne Harnish Growth Seminar earlier this year.

During this section, everyone that interacts with prospects/customers shares what they are hearing from their discussions.  They can share any information they feel would be helpful and is meant to help the entire team keep a pulse on what our customers need.  So each meeting we hear from Support, Professional Services, Sales & Marketing.  And each team member that is speaking has to come prepared with data backing up their points.

We have only held 3 or 4 of these meetings however the impact has already been tremendous in syncing up the team and we have been able to make changes and improvements to our software and processes that has made a big impact for our customer base.

I didn’t realize how much the regular meeting would help our team and now we all look forward to the meetings to get on the same page (and also enjoy some tasty pizza).