Raising SaaS Prices For Legacy Customers: Customizing Our Message

This is the third blog post in our series about Raising SaaS Prices For Legacy Customers. You can read the first Intro here and the Testing the Waters post here.

After deciding to pull back the reins on a mass communications, I chose five customers to contact, and I sent them this email:

Initial Email

Within two days, I had spoken to all five customers. I also had the opportunity to speak with the customer who was so offended by my initial email. After all the conversations, I felt encouraged and had identified some common themes as well as a number of client specific concerns.

Before initiating the calls, I had created a script to keep me on message and point. I kept the conversation brief and to the point, and most importantly, I was completely transparent and honest. I provided each customer with the reasons why we were planning a price increase and how we were planning on announcing it.  Then I let them talk and took tons of notes.

Armed with their feedback, I began drafting new email templates. Instead of sending out one generic email, I decided to send a personalized email to each account. Eighty-five percent of the content was the same. I customized the intros and made them specific to each account, and highlighted the increase in services they had been receiving since the development and implementation of new technology and products.  Below is a sample email I sent:

Detailed Email

Deciding to customize each communication seemed like a better way to deliver the message about our price increase. Getting feedback from some trusted customers helped me refine our message and better prepared me for the road ahead.