Satisfying Technical Debt in 2014

You know how some money managers say debt is good (being leveraged).  Well those same principles don’t apply to software development.  And I’m talking about the infamous “Technical Debt”.  

For us, we have amounted a decent amount of technical debt over the past two years because we reacted so quickly to our first few hundred customers’ needs and pivoted our product’s value twice.  Right now have certain functionality that ties into each other in ways that no longer makes sense both on the front end and on the backend (which makes it even more challenging to support).  This is typical in new software companies but unfortunately ours was exacerbated a bit more than we would have liked.  I certainly take the blame for the exacerbation but I will also take pride in the resolution!

This first half of the year we are untangling all that technical debt and ridding ourselves of it for good with some big time platform enhancements.  As a team we are focusing on simplicity and power, two adjectives that when applied to a software product translates to an amazing user experience.  

For a Business Intelligence (BI) product like ours, simplicity is nearly impossible to achieve which is why for Small & Medium Sized Business there is no hands down leading solution.  In fact yesterday, Microsoft announced its BI tools for Excel and Microsoft 365 and, although amazing in power, looks so overly complicated!  

This is where we’re heading and the challenge we are solving for small businesses in 2014.  With our passion and focus, we’re fortunate that no technical debt will get in our way.