Sitting is the New Smoking – What are you doing about it?

This past weekend I participated in my 4th Miami Half Marathon.  I started this personal tradition back in 2008 when I decided to get back in good physical shape after being out of college for about 4 years.  Back then, even though I was younger and not truly overweight, I could barely run 3 miles without having to stop to walk.  Amazingly enough on about 6 weeks of light training, I ran the half in 2:06 (two hours and six minutes).  That was pretty darn good with being so new to running and I really enjoyed the challenge.  

The tradition started there because I realized that for me, 13 miles is short enough to complete with only 1-2 months training but long enough where I can’t be totally out of shape.  Because that was my first race ever with little to no training, 2:06 became my benchmark time and the 2 next times I participated I ran in 1:47 and 1:59 (between my wedding and travel, I had to skip 2-3 races since 2008).

This year though, I ran/walked into the finish line at 2:17 and it was painful from about mile 8 to 13.  My training was “ok” but certainly not any worse than in 2008.   I wasn’t out of breath nor were my legs that tired.  What happened was I started to feel my back and neck really tighten up.  I’ve never had back and neck problems but recently I’ve started to notice much more stiffness in both areas.  You could be saying that I’m getting old… but that’s just an excuse really.  I realized the next day as I sat at my desk the next morning back at work, I could feel the same pain in my neck and back just as I did during the run.  Just by sitting and typing at my desk.

This reminded me of back in December during a staycation with my wife, a physical trainer uttered a truly great line that “Sitting is the new Smoking”.  An exaggeration yes, but it gets the point across.  Sitting all day, every day (which many of us do) cannot be good for us as a generation.  Especially as we age.

Our whole BrightGauge office talks about this and a few of the team have recently bought Fit Bits.  Some folks go on regular walks during the morning and afternoon.  For me, I don’t think thats enough to combat the issues of sitting all day starting at my computer.  So I’ve decided to get back into Triathlons as that was an obsession I enjoyed back in 2008 and 2009.  My wife keeps on suggesting that I get into Yoga but that’s never appealed to me nor am I flexible (which is why she says to do it).  My brother is even thinking of getting a standing desk which could be a great idea.  

Usually I like to provide my suggestions on this blog but after my reality check this weekend, I’m asking for yours!!!  What are you doing to combat the effects of sitting all day?