Dosal Brothers Redesign

My brother and I started writing our blog in the summer of 2013. We have really enjoyed the opportunity to connect with our friends, our family, and our community in another, more free-flowing medium. We used our first six months as “bloggers” to see if this format would be beneficial, and it has been very rewarding. 

Since this blog started out as a way to test a hypothesis and see if our family, friends, and community would respond to this format, we didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about design- either in terms of aesthetics or functionality. The original design was the first template I saw after signing up with Typepad one weekend.  I loaded a picture, wrote an introduction, and suddenly we were bloggers. Now that we know this blog is here to stay, it was time to think about designing this medium to match our vision, more accurately reflect our personalities, and appeal to our own sense of design and functionality.

Brian and I are not the best designers. But we are great at reaching out to some design experts. Matt Olson and his team at Touch Creative  help us create a new space. Using a simple, one page summary, we outlined what we wanted this blog to look like and accomplish as a tool for building and maintaining relationships:

  • Clean and simple design.
  • Easy for readers to access, read, and share.
  • Encourage readers to subscribe. We found most of our traffic came from readers who subscribed to updates.
  • Easy to read on mobile devices. More than 40% of our views are on smart phones or tablets.
  • Easy for us to update,as we are committed to providing consistent, quality, content.

After four major revisions and countless tweaks, we are pleased to unveil the final design. We hope you find the content engaging, the design easy to read, and the conversation lively.  I’m sure there will be a number of small adjustments and tweaks along the way, and I invite you send me your feedback, not only on the design and the usability of the site, but also the content.

This blog has been designed as a space to facilitate conversation and community, and we hope you will be an active part of it.