Questions on the new HBO Series – Silicon Valley

Our team at BrightGauge have been watching the new HBO Series named Silicon Valley.  The series  is a very comedic look at the culture of tech and the often awkward (and therefore hilarious) moments of the industry’s startups (as well tech giants).  It pokes fun at everything that is happening in the tech scene and the story takes place in the center of the tech world, Silicon Valley!

Having 3.5 years into a tech “startup” and having spent two years with a development team in San Francisco, I can tell you this dramatization is not too far off from Silicon Valley reality.  Mike Judge does take things to a higher level of comedic fun but I’m impressed with how accurate the language, the new tech company woes, the personality types, and characterizations are within the show.  The creative team behind the show definitely did their research (article on what they did here) and it’s gone a long way to make the show fun for us living the tech world everyday.  And certainly even more fun for those of us living in the tech world outside the Bay Area.

I’m wondering two things though:

  • Is the show funny for those not in the tech world?
  • Does it scare people to know these incubators, these personality types of engineers, and this type of funding actually happens in Silicon Valley?

While the tech world is getting crazy again with wild new startups getting funded and ridiculous offers to buy companies, I’m so happy Mike Judge is taking the comedic approach to make sure we all know that this reality is just that, absurdly funny!!!

  • I think its hilarious. I’ve been recording every episode. These types of crazy people are everywhere. I’ve met so many people like those on the show (mostly in the valley though)

    • Our whole team is loving the show. They did a heck of a job with their research and its crazy to realize just how realistic they’re being!

      I’m glad you’re keeping the Miami tech scene real though Brian! Thank goodness!