Steps To Reach Out To Qualified Leads

Last week, I worked with the HubSpot Academy Team to write a blog on handling Qualified Leads entitled Steps To Take When Reaching Out To A Qualified Lead.  The blog post was an opportunity for us to share our sales and lead generation and follow-up experiences and processes with the entire HubSpot Community.  Putting the blog together was fun and gave me an opportunity to revisit our sales strategy step by step.

Walking through our sales process triggered a lot of memories and reminded me of the steep learning curve we faced while we refined the process. While our process may not be earth shattering, it has worked very well for us.  At BrightGauge, we try to identify the right customer for our product and service. We are dedicated to finding high quality customers, and our sales team works hard to filter out any excess “noise” surrounding customers who don’t fit the target profile.

I believe that finding the right customers for your company starts with some upfront research about your potential customer. Once you have identified a pool of prospects, your front line sales team should put their qualification process to work. You’ll need to rely upon their experience and their expertise to make sure the prospect matches up with the profile you’ve created.

At the end of the day, every business and every sales team is trying to understand who the right customers are, how they can attract these high value prospects, how to best show their products and services to these quality leads, and how they can turn these quality leads into customers by getting them to “sign on the dotted line”.

Checkout the Hubspot Blog to learn more about BrightGauge and what we do. I would love to hear your feedback on our qualified leads process.