So Much Room for Innovation

First off, great to be back blogging on Dosal Brothers again.  It’s been a very long time and I’m glad my brother kicked things off this week with a great post on reading more in 2015.  I hate to provide excuses but here we go anyway… late last year was very busy with a HUGE project being done at BrightGauge and the birth of my first child (a girl), beautiful Caroline (there is a picture on my wife’s new twitter account for those interested!).  What an amazing end to the year!

Ok, back to business…last week my brother and I were out in San Francisco for a one day conference learning scaling a SaaS business (which BrightGauge is one).  If you’re not familiar with what a SaaS business is, the simplest explanation is a SaaS business is any software company that sells software on a subscription basis over the Internet.  Typically these companies are also called “startups” since the Internet is still new in delivering software solutions and many of these SaaS companies are relatively young.

At the conference, we heard about 30 founders and CEOs speak about their businesses and how they’re scaling their teams and solutions to handle the high demand for their product.  Some solutions were Internet based replacements to legacy systems (like Human Resource systems) but what was surprising to me was how many were brand new solutions (they called these types of solutions new “categories”).  It was refreshing and energizing to hear from these companies that they were achieving big successes (for ex, 10 million a year in revenue success) at a young age (less than 5 years old). What they all had in common is that they took an innovative and thoughtful approach to understanding how businesses operate in the modern world and how they can make these companies more efficient to save time/money or increase revenue.  It was impressive and inspiring.

When I returned back home and got back to my daily grind, it struck me how much I still do manually every day and how I still lack certain visibility into aspects of my company (and we’re a data visualization company!).  To me, these inefficiencies means HUGE software opportunities and that excites the heck out of me.

The bottom line is there is still so much room to innovate in the business world for the people and companies who can think different and can take risks!  2015 is off to a motivating start for me and I hope for you as well!