Brian’s Favorite Content of 2015

Two posts in one week by me?  This is craziness I know!  But I had to leave you with my favorite content from 2015 before the year is a distant memory.

I must preface the list by saying there were two “game changers” for me in consuming content in 2015. First was my discovery of a relatively new “read later” app, Pocket.  It is, hands down, the best one out there.  Their design is phenomenal (not just pretty, very functional) and that proved again true as I was able to quickly search through my favorites to pick out my top 5 content pieces below.  Their recommended reading list is also the best I’ve seen from any curator type service.  Well done Pocket!

Secondly, I have to admit that podcasts rocked my world in 2015 more than I expected.  And are you ready for something even more dramatic? Ok then… I have to admit that Tim Ferriss’ podcasts have absolutely changed my life.  Don’t be scared, I’m not in a cult or head of his fan club or anything.  It’s simply that I learned an incredible amount in 2015 by just listening to his guests and reading many of their follow up/recommended readings.  Many (not all, but many) of his podcast interviews really hit home with me whether it was on meditation (Tara Brach), financial planning (Tony Robbins), or just plain fun and entertaining (Jaime Foxx).  My daily commute turned from hearing mindless sports talk to learning about different viewpoints of success, philosophies, and daily habits of really quality people who are giving really quality and thoughtful answers.  Like Eric mentioned, Tim Ferriss’ podcasts run 2-2.5 hours and, though that sounds like a commitment, it’s absolutely necessary to extract the real and deep thoughts from his guests that he does.  The format and the interviews are just brilliant.

Ok, enough about Tim.  Let’s give you what you want, more things to read! 🙂  I split my lists into two segments, (1) books/blogs/videos and (2) my favorite Tim Ferriss Podcasts.  Without further ado:

Top 5 Favorite Blogs/Videos/Books of 2015

  1. Unicorns vs. Horses (blog) – My favorite content piece of 2015 which I’ve shared countless times over the year.
  2. Anything You Want (book) – My favorite book of 2015 and it helped that it was only 70 pages.
  3. The answer is no (blog) – 1 minute read, well said, and I will expand on this next year.
  4. Making it in the little leagues from Aaron Draplin (video) – Pure passion from a unique designer and thinker.  Not to mention very entertaining.
  5. Raising the Bar (book) – Story from and about the Clif Bar business.  Incredibly impressed with the founder’s focus on growing a sustainable (and private) business.

Top 5 Favorite Podcast Interviews from Tim Ferriss

  1. Jon Favreau – One of my favorites in the movie business, great podcast about life, cooking, etc.  It was a pleasure to listen to these two speak.
  2. Naval Rakinut – Great for startup folks but you’ll also get his take on life enrichment or life hacking ideas.  Deep thoughts and insights and not just about tech.
  3. Jimmy Chin – He’s the maker of the Meru Documentary.  I now want to go mountain climbing thanks to this podcast.
  4. Derek Sivers – author of the book in #2 above.  One of my new favorite people in 2015. I liked his first podcast with Tim (the one linked) way better than his second.
  5. Tony Robbins – I went in skeptical to this two-part podcast but came out thoroughly impressed.

Hope you enjoy some of these.  Please let me know if you do or even if you don’t.  Would love to hear.  And lastly, have a safe New Year celebration.  Whether it was a good year or a bad year, its coming to end so it’s time to celebrate!