My Favorite Quote from “The Big Leap”

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks was one of my top 3 favorite books of 2015 (see full list here) and this was one of my favorite quotes of the entire book:


“Life is at its best when love, money and creativity are growing in harmony”


I have found that I am the most happiest when everything is growing together equally and I am not too heavily weighted on time or effort to any one area of my life.

For example, I can’t just keep my head down cranking away at work and not give myself the time to “create a clearing” and have some creative thoughts.  Or I can’t be on the road all the time which might make me money for BrightGauge but neglects my time with family.

Finding the balance across all areas of my life is an ongoing process but understanding that there needs to be a balance is something I’m happy I have already learned.